Who We Are


is an independent laboratory which evaluates the potency, quality and biologic constituents of any "regenerative product"

available in order to assist the clinician to better understand the true regenerative capacity. 

Meet the Expert

Dr. Ryan Dregalla is the founder of R&D Regenerative Laboratory Resources, aimed to provide physicians and start-ups with the expertise and platforms necessary to characterize cellular and molecular constituents of biologicals. With a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Colorado State University, Dr. Dregalla specializes in designing research studies and, creating custom protocols to produce top-tier scientific data. With nearly a decade of experience in regenerative sciences, he has worked on projects centered around autologous stem cells, platelets and placental tissues.


Dregalla specializes in creating complex experiments employing an array of molecular assays and techniques including multi-target flow cytometry, immunoflourescence, protein quantification, cell proliferation curves, cell viability and cell differentiation.  The results have led to several peer-reviewed publications, development of intellectual property and decellularized regenerative therapies.